The making of CoworKite

It took us months and months to find the perfect space that fulfilled all of our requirements for Cape Town coworking office. It was important for us as entrepreneurs and kitesurfers ourselves to have access to high-speed fibre optic Internet, comfortable seating, and a well-designed space where the like-minded community can share ideas and improve productivity. Those features, as well as the ability to take a short walk to the beach to release some stress with a bit of kitesurfing, makes up the perfect formula for an extraordinary and unique co-working space by the beach.

The making of CoworKite

Once we’ve found Blouberg office on great location with appropriate size and fibre availability,  it was about the time to focus on interior and technology and create kitesurfing lifestyle driven working environment. Luckily, we’ve been using many different coworking offices all over the world. What we learned from other coworking operators has greatly influenced the way we designed our shared workspace. Actually, our interior designer helped us create beautiful workspace on 2 floors, where people enjoy coming to work. It was quite a journey to create CoworKite office, on these photos you can see part of it.

Welcome to our Blouberg coworking office

We welcome anyone looking for a fresh, effective way to work in our Blouberg coworking office. Our shared office is a place where not only work can be done, but new ideas and business partnership are born. CoworKite is made for entrepreneurs, tech startups and digital nomads who want to be surrounded by other motivating people. Having this bond with other entrepreneurs will not only aid in your learning process, but will keep you motivated and focused on your goals.  If you’re seeking an environment full of global minds that will give you that drive to work more successfully, or even just a network of like-minded associates, join us at CoworKite.

We officially opened our doors of coworking in Cape Town on 1st of November 2016. Check out our membership types or join our newsletter to receive the latest news.


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