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Success is inevitable if you do what you love surrounded by like minded people

What makes CoworKite workations unique are people, vibe, location close to the beach and community driven events.
Apart from a community manager every workation has a local host, who’ll make your trip a local experience.


It was my first time in Mauritius and I’ve had an amazing time, guys from CoworKite were exceptional. It was a great experience to be part of workation and meet like minded people. Apart from the house, organization was really good, but still with plenty of freedom.
I was able to combine my love for kitesurfing with working on my business. Thanks a lot CoworKite, I already booked my next Mauritius trip.

Pascal Kuehnhenrich
Pascal KuehnhenrichCo-founder at KiteBnB

The last 5 weeks with Coworkite allowed me to combine my two biggest passions: Kitesurfing and running my business. I found that being able to work from a place that allows me to kite almost every day while connecting with like minded entrepreneurs freed my mind and actually made me more productive. On top of improving my kitesurfing skills I've also made several really good friends. I'm looking forward to joining Coworkite workation again!

Marc Schuetze
Marc SchuetzeFounder at Share Hive

State of the art facility for coworking with awesome coffee, but the best was that I could see from my desk the kites above the Dolphin hotel. I will not forget the lunch time kitesurfing session. Thanks Coworkite!

Bernhard Paetzold
Bernhard PaetzoldCSO at S-Biomedic

Coworking&coliving next to the best
kitesurfing beaches in the world

Once the wind starts our coworking office becomes empty.
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