The story behind a CoworKite Cape Town

The ability to take a short walk to the beach for a kitesurfing session is our formula for an extraordinary co-working location
Space for all business kitesurfers and beach lovers

Tailoring our work to our lifestyle

The idea behind the name of CoworKite was inspired years ago during a trip to Cape Town, where we often travelled from Europe and Johannesburg for both work and kitesurfing. Our team eventually settled permanently in Cape Town. While we enjoyed entrepreneurial vibe in CBD and there are some cool coworking spaces, we definitely didn’t appreciate having to drive after work in peak-hour traffic to the Blouberg beach to catch some kitesurfing time. On most days, we would miss amazing winds or simply get there after sunset. Disappointing ourselves day after day made us come to a strong conclusion – we absolutely needed a coworking office by the beach in Cape Town. So we created the space for all business kitesurfers and called it CoworKite.

It took us months and months to find the perfect space that fulfilled all of our requirements. It was important for us as entrepreneurs and kitesurfers ourselves to have access to high-speed fibre-optic Internet, comfortable seating, and a well-designed space where the like-minded community can share ideas and improve productivity. Those features, as well as the ability to take a short walk to the beach to release some stress with a bit of kitesurfing, makes up the perfect formula for an extraordinary co-working location.

Kitesurfing & entrepreneurship have a lot in common

Commitment, passion and self-motivation

The team’s shared love for kitesurfing made us realize that it has quite a lot in common with entrepreneurship. While this might not seem conspicuous to those unfamiliar with it, we can tell you that they’re more similar than you might initially think. Kitesurfing is often perceived by the general public to be a bit risky, especially if you aren’t experienced in it. It can be scary for someone attempting the task at any time, let alone the first time. The concept of entrepreneurship is regularly viewed the same way, people are scared of the venture due to the various risks involved. We, however, would rather have people discard these preconceived notions.

Much like learning to kitesurf, the entrepreneurial journey can be a bit rocky at first. However, the levels of commitment, passion, and self-motivation can help advance you in the task. Just as you would when you take on an extreme sport like kitesurfing, being an entrepreneur means you’ll constantly be learning, making swift decisions, taking calculated risks, and setting personal objectives. The important thing to realize is that while you will make mistakes, sometimes drastic ones, it’s important to learn from them and continue on with your endeavor.

Both ventures are also unique in that you often find yourself balancing collaboration with independence. There are times when someone has trouble getting their kite to launch, but other kitesurfers are always around and more than willing to lend a helping hand. It’s an unspoken bond that you’ll immediately notice in the water, and the same goes for entrepreneurship and coworking. It’s important for a location-independent entrepreneur to find a community of like-minded individuals who are eager to partner with and/or support you, which is what co-working is meant to provide. In fact, there have been an abundant amount of successful partnerships in the past that started in simple co-working spaces.

Coworking by the beach for location-independent entrepreneurs

Drive your work more successfully

We welcome anyone looking for a laid-back coworking office by the beach in Cape Town. Most of our members are expats, freelancers, and digital nomads who need to be surrounded by other motivating people. If you’re seeking an environment full of global minds that will give you that drive to work more successfully, or even just a network of like-minded associates, join us at CoworKite!