Peter-John Woest – CAD Sales Consultant

Peter-John Woest, Sales Consultant from CAD4Africa is our new member. Peter is always helpful and professional and it’s pleasure to have him around. All of you get a chance to know him better through this interview.

Tell us more about yourself, what’s your background?

My name is Peter-John, I come from a small town called Witbank on the other side of South Africa in Mpumalanga. Born and raised in a small town a lot of things I know today are self taught, I have always had a passion for the computer industry and software. I have little over 2 and a half years sales experience where I managed a cartridge shop as a sales assistant. Before that I worked in IT as a junior technician. Some fun things about me…I have a passion for gaming and play games on competitive levels in my spare time.

What does your company do?

CAD4Africa is a reseller of CAD (Computer-aided Design) software. We provide AutoCAD, as well as progeCAD licenses at the best available prices in South Africa and in the rest of Africa.


Company advises architects, designers and engineers which CAD program will suit their needs and ensures they get the best value for money in terms of functionality, licensing type and price.

What is your advice to designers and designing office managers when it comes to the choice of CAD software?

There are so many different types of subscriptions out there, depending on the user of course, they know what they are looking for. Only piece of advice I can give is to be sure what you need, make good use of trial versions and why settle for the most expensive packages when you can have the simpler experience for a lot cheaper and still get all the services you might need.

CAD4Africa Software Shop

CAD4Africa’s mission is to offer optimal CAD solutions and bring the biggest choice of CAD software at the lowest prices to Africa

What do you think about the future of the IT and software industry?

There are minimal cons looking at the IT and Software industry, as this industry has only grown over the years, it keeps growing. Our everyday lives get improved with more complex software and technologies with every passing day.

Do you have any tips for those who are choosing between coworking office and their own office?

Well, depending on personal preference and line of work, I would recommend working from an office space like CoworKite. Working from your own personal space i.e your home isn’t always as easy as one might think as your personal life can mess with the groove of productivity. Working in a shared open space like this, you have a sense of business around you, you also get to interact with people doing their own thing and grow your network quite a bit.

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