End of 2016 – Our first 2 months of running a coworking office

We’ve been open for a two months now and we pride ourselves of being community driven and the most international tech coworking space in Cape Town, having a mix of locals and digital entrepreneurs from all over the world.  We’ve spoken with everyone that has walked in the front door of our office. Our advice to everyone is to give it a try, there is no commitment, simply take 5 day plan and if you like it upgrade to Full time plan.

For those of you out there that are considering joining coworking office, but are not sure if it’s the right solution for you, we’d like to help you with list of pros and cons. A lot of people join because they want to avoid work from home distractions, they are more productive and motivated being around other people, they need reliable fibre optic connection or meeting room access. For many people that’s main reasons why coworking space beats home office, private office and coffee shop. If you’re not among them the main questions you should ask yourself is: Do I want grow my company and client’s base, do I want to meet other like minded entrepreneurs, do I want to grow personally and professionally? If your answer is yes then you should continue reading this article.

Top reasons why startups thrive in coworking offices

Renting a desk means you’ll lose some freedom to work in pajama and you’ll have to commute, at least a few minutes if you’re lucky to have a shared workspace in your Cape Town neighbourhood. Home office or 5 day plan in coworking office might be the best solution for the first few months of your own business, because you’ll save money. Choosing to headquarter your company in a shared workspace shows your clients that you are forward thinking entrepreneur, adds value to your business from the client perspective and you certainly don’t want them to come to your home office.

Biggest advantage of coworking is networking, meeting like minded entrepreneurs and potential clients. When you work from home, it’s very difficult to meet new people and after all humans are social creatures. Besides, sitting in the same room with online marketers, software developers and graphic designers can be very rewarding when you need advice. It’s very common for people in shared office to hire each other as contractors. The best coworking operators will promote their members to the local community and on their social networks.

Coworking is cost effective and saves your money

Most commercial office spaces in Cape Town require you to sign a 3 year lease, pay 3 months deposit and sign personal surety if your business is insolvent.

To find the right office space it usually takes 2 months, you need one month to sign the lease, and a 2 more months to build out, furniture, equipment and internet access. So you’ll spend a lot of money, lose 5-6 precious months of your time and be bound with long-term contract. Wouldn’t you rather spend the money and time investing in your company, growing your business and client base? If you’re a startup you don’t know where you’ll be in 6 months period and you want to be flexible.

CoworKite is giving away 1 free monthly coworking office membership

We wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2017. In the spirit of the holiday season and celebrating the new year CoworKite is giving away 1 free monthly Full Time membership in our Blouberg shared workspace. One lucky winner will walk away with prize worth R2.400. You can use your free month of coworking until 28th February 2017.

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