CoworKite is open for all open minded professionals who share the same values

Our workations are made for location independent professionals who enjoy a relaxed beach lifestyle and share their passion for watersports and outdoor activities.
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CoworKite offers a unique opportunity to combine coworking and coliving with a lifestyle connected to the beach and the ocean. Our mission is to make co-working inspiring, good for your soul, place where you can network with like-minded people and feel like you belong. Deep and focused work is absolutely exhausting. We believe that people are not only happier, but also more productive when they can release some stress with a bit of kitesurfing after work.
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What makes the CoworKite unique?

Exclusive setting with a personal touch

CoworKite is about community and experience. We clearly distinguish ourselves from the big coworking environments, offering a more exclusive setting with a personal touch, where you really get to know your fellow coworkers. You can expect extraordinary and inspirational community of location independent professionals who share the passion for watersports and outdoor activities.

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